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Elevate French teaching and learning experience

French Lab offers a solution that helps you to develop French language courses adapted to new online uses.

They trust us

French Lab creates a new landscape of learning that helps teachers to have more impact on their students' achievement.


your learners

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We combine a widely used messaging app and French language lessons to offer you an accessible teaching tool.

Our chatbot provides a new and exciting way of learning with instant, personalized and interactive lessons.


your teachers


Synchronous, asynchronous ?

Teachers can use French Lab as a virtual assistant and track students’ progress from our management platform. 

Based on CEFR, our content provides a wide range of lessons  & activities that complement your curriculum.

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more students

Reach students where they are, on the most widely used platform!

Connect our chatbot app to the Facebook page of your choice and offer students an instant access to French courses on Messenger.

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Meet our team and get answer to your unique questions!

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