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How does French Lab incorporate OpenAI's artificial intelligence in its FLE chatbot?

April 5, 2023

Chatbot éducatif et intelligence artificielle

In order to offer a unique and unprecedented learning experience for French as a Foreign Language (FLE), French Lab has integrated artificial intelligence, through ChatGPT, into its FLE chatbot. With a combination of scripts and AI, the French Lab chatbot can offer a pedagogical narrative based on the learner's questioning - thus following a CERCL* progression, as well as evaluating open (free) responses.

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March 28, 2023

Chatbot and teaching

This combination of pedagogical engineering and various technologies enriches the concept of conversational digital pedagogy developed by French Lab.

What does learning FLE with the French Lab chatbot look like?

</> A linguistic journey structured around modules designed from scripts, offering different pedagogical scenarios: Thanks to these computer decision trees (machine learning), the learner can be guided and benefit from a personalized learning path based on their level.

💡 An AI feature that, at key moments, evaluates the learner's responses, corrects written outputs, and simulates role-playing to allow practical application of acquired knowledge.

Error Handling and Intelligent Corrections

Thanks to this combination of scripts and AI, the chatbot technology developed by French Lab offers a unique approach to error handling based on a 3-step feedback concept: (1) identify, (2) adapt, and (3) evaluate.

During the production and evaluation phase, the French Lab chatbot will ask the learner questions and be able to suggest intelligent corrections tailored to each mistake made. It will follow a 3-step process: identify the type of mistake made, customize feedback, and assist the learner in understanding and correcting their mistake.

Feedback AI learning

With this personalized approach, FLE learners benefit from effective and conversational learning that allows them to understand their mistakes and correct them independently: all on their messaging system.

*CERCL refers to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

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November 15, 2022

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