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AI chatbots and learning: Is teaching just about answering a question?

March 28, 2023

AI chatbot and teaching

A true upheaval in the digital world, the rapid spread of the ChatGPT chatbot hints at a paradigm shift in the field of education. 

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April 5, 2023

A plagiarism tool for some, a revolutionary technology for others, the GPT chatbot is above all a disruptive innovation, an upheaval imposed by the support of its users: its craze and popularity among communities of learners are prompting reflection on the evolution and adaptation of teaching practices. Like other disruptive innovations, such as the emergence of Google or Wikipedia, there's no doubt that artificial intelligence in the form of prompts marks the entry into a new digital era in which learning, research and online content generation will be conversational and instantaneous.

Chatbot in education

Offering a conversational digital learning experience for learners of French, the French Lab chatbot belongs to a new type of educational technology. While mobile applications have enabled better accessibility and LMSs have enabled better tracking, chatbots add an extra dimension by placing interaction at the heart of e-learning processes.

Digital conversational pedagogy: when implicit teaching takes precedence over explicit teaching

One of the characteristics of classroom teaching is the central role played by the teacher's questioning in the learning process - a characteristic that has so far been difficult to transpose to digital teaching. The use of a chatbot combining script and AI therefore seems to offer a number of advantages. Our AI French Lab chatbot asks thoughtful questions, focusing on pedagogical techniques and using dialogue to help learners develop their learning autonomy. In this way, interaction with the French Lab chatbot is more like a thought process guided by the questions asked, where the learner acquires language skills through the progressive conceptualization that follows. Through interactive dialogue, the French Lab chatbot verifies knowledge, evaluates the learner's answers and guides him or her towards new knowledge.

AI and adaptive learning

The French Lab chatbot stands out for its ability to offer a complete educational approach that goes beyond a question-and-answer exchange. It offers a pedagogical scenario that makes learning immersive and structured. This approach takes the learner through different teaching phases: (1) experiential awareness, (2) understanding and conceptualization, (3) systematization and (4) production/evaluation.

This implicit teaching method is reinforced by the chatbot's ability to personalize assessments according to the learner and the mistakes made.

AI learning assessment

A valuable tool dedicated to empowering educators

Our solution introduces a cutting-edge approach to online learning, where the chatbot acts as a digital assistant and teachers can track their students' progress from the French Lab platform. Thanks to the aggregated data, teachers have a new analysis tool at their disposal, enabling them to propose remedial solutions in the classroom. 

Integration AI teaching

By integrating this technology into one of the world's most popular instant messaging services, French Lab is poised to transform the digital learning of French.

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Chatbot FLE

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