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Chatbot FLE

New online habits and digital learning of French as Foreign Language

November 15, 2022

Learn with a chatbot

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Chatbot FLE

Mobile applications, LMS, podcasts, videos... Digital media for developing online courses have never been so numerous. French Lab offers a solution that responds to new uses and transforms social networks and instant messaging into powerful vectors for disseminating the French language.

The era of real-time communication 

When we look at our online habits, we see that instant messaging is becoming an increasingly important part of our daily lives. Initially used as a means of communicating with our nearest and dearest, their use has diversified to the point where today they are essential spaces for a public in search of responsiveness, immediacy and accessibility. These are all characteristics that define the era of real-time communication, driven by social networks and messaging apps that are shaping the way billions of users around the world buy, get information and learn. 

March 28, 2023

AI chatbot and pedagogy

Source: Hootsuite’s Digital Trends Report 2022

Online usage and learning 

The average person uses 5 to 7 different applications a year, and spends almost 2.5 hours a day on social networks and instant messaging. This trend can be explained in a number of ways: the difficulty of getting users to migrate to new digital environments, a demand for immediacy that clashes with download and registration processes, and a feeling of moving away from your social life online. 

These new online habits have given rise to an unprecedented form of digital learning, as evidenced by the appearance of numerous teacher-influencer accounts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube, dedicated to teaching French. The popularity of this new way of "consuming" education can be explained by the reappropriation of the most popular digital codes and environments for pedagogical purposes.

In education, the use of educational technologies in the classroom is becoming more widespread, and can reveal certain tensions between online habits and digital learning: which solution for which audience? How can we offer a solution in line with learners' habits? How can we attract a non-captive audience? How can we build loyalty? These are just some of the questions and challenges that need to be addressed in order to promote and disseminate the French language.

By offering a solution for teaching and learning French on Messenger, French Lab aims to democratize French language learning and give language centers a strategic position on social networks. Messenger, the only instant messaging application connected to Facebook, offers learners a conversational learning experience accessible from and on the world's most popular social network. French Lab proposes to use this real-time communication space to offer a unique opportunity to learn online.

Conversational digital teaching via instant messaging

Pédagogie conversationnelle

Teaching French via instant messaging is the opposite of a static digital pedagogy. Conversation and interaction are at the heart of the acquisition process. Thanks to a chatbot connected to Messenger (conversational agent), French Lab's digital pedagogy enables learners to develop their ability to learn through conversation. Through the various lessons, the chatbot teaches how to learn, and plays the role of facilitator, assessor and tutor. The learner doesn't click. He dialogues, solves problems and adjusts his learning path according to the chatbot's feedback. This conversational approach avoids the repetitive sequence of self-correcting learning activities. Each lesson is built around a pedagogical scenario, ranging from an awareness phase to a production phase in which the learner is guided by the virtual assistant towards the acquisition of speech acts. 

How to put instant messaging learning to work for teachers? 

French Lab is also a solution for teachers, helping them to keep learners on track thanks to its chatbot application directly integrated into Messenger. By offering language centers a flexible solution and tools, French Lab adapts to the online course development strategy of each structure wishing to modernize the teaching of French as a foreign language and propose an innovative digital course offering. 

The French Lab chatbot becomes the teachers' virtual assistant, facilitating teaching tasks, while the French Lab platform enables each teacher to track the progress of cohorts in real time. The French Lab management platform brings together different types of data (initial level, level achieved, attendance, pedagogical assessments), making the solution suitable for hybrid and/or autonomous learning. 

French Lab's aim is not only to develop an educational offering adapted to new online uses, but also to offer a solution that enables language centers to meet the challenges of retention, attractiveness and audience development.

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April 5, 2023

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