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Every institution is unique.

French Lab adapts to your uniqueness.

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French Lab chatbot avatar

Representation and graphic universe

Your personalized avatar for contextualized teaching

Because learning a language is an exchange, French Lab tailors its solution to your learning context:

* Personalization of the avatar,

* Promoting interculturality in the learning journey,

* Creating engagement through a contextualized visual graphic universe.

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Making the most of AI

A Learner-centered AI

Useful AI learning tools for enhancing one's learning: 

* Vocalized Assistance: evaluates and corrects voice memos,

* Advanced Linguistic Corrector: adjusts statements,

* Conversational Dictionary: generates sentences and cultural elements based on needs.

Assess with AI

Test your learners with French Lab

Leveraging a range of AI models, the French Lab chatbot offers tailored and diversified assessments: 

* Formative assessment, providing intelligent & constructive feedback,

* Summative assessment, accompanied by an in-depth pedagogical assessment,

* Adaptive positioning test, targeting the 4 CEFR skills.

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Experience French Lab tailored for your institution.

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