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Artificial intelligence

Learner-centered AI: A new era of conversational pedagogy

April 16, 2024

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Artificial intelligence

April 5, 2023

AI Chatbot for education

Chatbot FLE

The rise of artificial intelligence has gone beyond the stage of curiosity, and is now seen as a pedagogical innovation to be embraced. However, the excitement surrounding this new technology raises numerous questions about its effective and efficient deployment. The art of crafting prompts, which reflects these questions, underscores the tension between AI's theoretical promises and the practical realities of its implementation.


While this method is invaluable for exploring AI's potential, it can sometimes lead to a fragmented approach that necessitates the use of multiple tools to achieve a complete educational use case, raising concerns about its effectiveness and scalability.

March 28, 2023

AI chatbot and pedagogy

Chatbot FLE

AI: Balancing the teacher-learner duality

In this evolving context, more integrated solutions combining various AI models are emerging. From simple prompts to course content in different formats (PDFs, videos, etc.), teachers can now design training plans and generate a diverse range of content, such as quizzes and personalized educational resources, all within a single solution. However, although AI offers flexibility and creativity in creating educational content, its use in a static digital format can significantly limit its enriching potential for learners. One might ask: Do the benefits AI provides to teachers also extend to learners?

In the context of digital education, when content generated by AI is offered without the possibility for dynamic interaction, learners find their benefits considerably reduced. Do they have access to tailored feedback? Can they interact with the content? These questions highlight the importance of developing pedagogical approaches that fully leverage the interactive and adaptive capabilities of AI to provide learners with a personalized and engaging learning experience.

November 15, 2022

Learn with a chatbot

French Lab: A learner-centered AI vision

Aware of the current challenges and opportunities, French Lab is committed to rethinking the use of AI in education, with a special focus on the learner. By developing AI tutoring systems integrated into instant messaging apps, French Lab aims to revolutionize access to online education, transforming the conversation thread into a dynamic and interactive learning space.

By enabling learners to dialogue with their lessons, receive clarifications, and access additional content tailored to their needs, French Lab is redefining the educational experience. The learner becomes the pilot of their educational journey, leveraging AI according to their preferences and learning goals, thereby marking a move towards an education that is truly centered on the student.

Toward a pioneering digital education with French Lab

Beyond its use as a pedagogical tool, French Lab aims to make AI the cornerstone of a new digital education model, where learning would be more accessible, engaging, and personalized, in harmony with the digital practices of today's learners.

The integration of AI in education allows us to envision a future where pedagogical transformation is deep and meaningful. With its learner-centered approach, French Lab illustrates the immense potential of these technologies to enrich and personalize the educational experience.

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Artificial intelligence

April 5, 2023

AI chatbot and learning

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