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ℹ️ In this situation, you are texting your friend on Facebook Messenger. 

You will need to type your answer. ✍️

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Learn French 

through your instant messaging with a chatbot.

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👍 Oui ! 

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  Salut !

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  ✍️ Type your answer.

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French Lab is a chatbot that teaches French with engaging lessons on Facebook Messenger.

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We message, 

You learn French.

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The most conversational way to learn French as a Foreign Language online.


01. Start learning as you message. 🗯

Learn instantly with

chatbot-based lessons.

02. Practice & improve from conversations. 🤓

Learn & review useful French for daily situations. 

03. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! 💪

Our chatbot guides you & teaches you from scratch to CEFR levels.

04. Enjoy your steady progress! 📊

Track your progression on your dashboard. 


Seize the opportunity to learn French differently!

Discover our different offers, right here!👇

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Learn French with French Lab!

∞ Unlimited access to courses📚, reviews 💯 & exams training 🎯

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📊 Use our platform to follow your students’ progress.

Teach French with French Lab!

...or sign up to get our French Lab series! 

Learning tips,

free ressources, Francophone news... let's dig deeper together!

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