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You learn French.

Learn from scratch with our AI tutor.

As simple as chatting with a friend. 

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With a Chatbot directly available on Facebook Messenger, French Lab Technology adapts to the way you learn & teaches you accordingly. 

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Social network,

a new place of learning

By using Facebook, the Messenger messaging app becomes the most interactive educational tool.

How we teach

Send message to our Chatbot and start learning the same way you chat with a tutor. 

By using messaging apps, we propose to learn French in a unique, modern & conversational way. 

Our AI Tutor adapts the progression to your progress and makes your learning journey easy, interactive & fun.

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Our approach

Use social networks as a place of learning

French Lab is committed to widen access to French language teaching by exploring the most used and accessible digital environment.

By using a familiar interface, French Lab chatbot  application provides learners easygoing interactions, so that learning French can happen anywhere and everywhere in a fun & interactive way. 

French Lab provides quality & engaging content through messaging apps in order to create learning opportunities for all. 

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French Lab mobilizing to help Ukraine's refugees in France

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