How we teach

By using Facebook Messenger as a medium, French Lab is turning messaging apps into an educational tool. Our pedagogy is based on a learner-oriented approach that goes hand in hand with personalization. 

This is what makes French Lab teaching a method anchored in the real world which adapts every lesson to the needs & the level of each learner.

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Communication skills

A content designed to improve listening, writing, reading and interacting skills.


Socio-cultural notes available in every lesson to know more about Francophone world & cultures.

Cultural dimension

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To improve the learning experience, our AI Chatbot app offers users the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Non linear progression

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Because French Lab is based on a messaging app, we use 'chatting online' activities consistently.

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Learning content

Program & levels based on CEFR, so that learning outcomes are internationally recognized.

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Inductive grammar

Each user builds their grammar skills by their own with the help of our Chatbot providing critical-thinking exercises.

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Communication skills

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As simple as chatting with a friend,

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Another way to learn French, 

As simple as chatting with a friend. 


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