An e-learning solution that fits with your students online habits

Teach French on Messenger 

Connect our Chatbot app to your Facebook page and offer your students a learning opportunity on social media.

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What about teaching French where learners spend the most of their time? By offering an e-learning solution directly accessible via Facebook Messenger through our Chatbot app, you will offer your students the opportunity to pursue their learning journey where they feel familiar.

French Lab is also the perfect answer to low-tech countries where schools and students can benefit from our solution despite limited and/or expensive internet access.

Develop your online offer & increase your audience

Being on social media makes you reach millions of people. French Lab app is connected to your Facebook page, allowing you to reach new students as well as offering direct access to your learning community online. 

Teach in a different way

Our approach is based on microlearning and follows the CEFR's scale. Thanks to an interactive and conversational way of teaching, our courses aim at improving communication skills: writing, listening and interacting. 

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Built to empower teachers

With its chatbot app, French Lab proposes you an innovative tool to help teachers to keep students engaged. 

Teachers can track students progress from our school interface (scoring, progression, attendance rate...). 

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They trust us

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