An e-learning solution accessible to all

Innovative & inclusive education for all

By adapting learning methods to new internet habits and customs, French Lab wants to bridge the digital divide and offer a modern & conversational way of teaching. 

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French Lab is committed to widen access to language teaching by exploring the most used and accessible digital environment. By creating learning opportunities on Facebook, French Lab wants to reduce the digital divide & make language learning accessible to as many people as possible.

French Lab is the solution for NGOs & institutions that are willing to use our chatbot app in order to improve inclusion processes.

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Widely used 

Easy to use for an uninitiated public to new technologies.

Available on Facebook

No need to download extra app to access to lessons. 

Smartphone friendly

A solution to reduce inequalities in the access & use of digital technologies. 

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Recognized outcomes

Program & levels based on Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Social integration

Learning content designed to ease social & vocational integration.


Cultural insights

Socio-cultural modules to get familiar with Francophone cultures. 

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